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Founded in early 2013 by Andreza Taglietti and Alethea Batista, Fidata provides strategic business communications services, with the focus on media relations, production of content and training for financial institutions and B2B companies.

Fidata was born from the partnership of two entrepreneur professionals who share the same ideology. Together they have built a portfolio of experience in the sectors of technology, consulting, law, finance, health, education, insurance and events. The goal of the team is to draw up a strategic communication plan that is aligned with the business plan of the client; guide the client in developing content and using the appropriate and efficient tools to convey messages clearly and transparently to their stakeholders.

The agency has regional (Brazil and Latin America) and global partnerships that are aligned with the work philosophy of Fidata – service excellence, commitment, sustainable practices, transparency in relationships and processes, reputation and strategic vision.

Its portfolio consists of global and regional companies of diverse sizes and cultures; it supports entrepreneurs and startups, customizing products and prices according to the reality and needs of each client.